When I turned 40, I came up with an idea to lessen my anxiety over becoming “old.” I called it Forty to 40 and had a blog to keep track of the forty new things I was going to do the forty days leading up to my 40th birthday. It was a bit too condensed of a time period to do a lot of significant things, but I managed to squeeze in a few big firsts including my first tattoo, a karate lesson, mural painting (I just helped), a voice lesson, making tiramisu (my favorite dessert), playing roadside bingo, performing karaoke, a ballet lesson, etc. Part of the goal was to keep myself young by always being open to trying new things. Another goal was to celebrate my life with my friends and family by doing most of the events with people I love. I am much less apprehensive about turning 50 then when I turned 40 a long decade ago. I’m actually excited to hit this next mark. For Fifty to 50, I am using the format of a podcast to track my journey. With a much longer stretch of time, I am able to plan bigger and better “firsts.” I have the same goals as when I turned 40 and look forward to sharing more experiences with (new and old) friends and family.




Michael Ivan was born December 20, 1969 at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He is the youngest of 6 (4 boys and 2 girls). Michael grew up in the suburbs of Philly, graduated from Lower Merion High School, and then attended the University of Delaware where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing (and minors in Philosophy and International Business). After five years he graduated, and moved to Denver, Colorado to work with a non-profit organization where he started a magazine for young adults. He then moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he brought the magazine to a publishing company. After 16 months, he left for Delaware again--this time to the beach in Lewes spending four years doing many part-time jobs including a sales job at a clothing outlet, substitute teaching, and coaching lacrosse. Michael also picked up a new trade, becoming a video camera operator and editor working alongside a brilliant and kind mentor who taught him the ropes of running a video production company. In 2003, he moved to Baltimore, MD and began producing documentary style videos for non-profits under his newly formed business, Loud Communications.




Derek is a grungy diva with a penchant for dramatic expression. He premiered in the Baltimore arts scene in the gruesome rock opera Murdercastle in 2013, and has been prolific since. Derek is a storyteller, singer, producer, songwriter, and actor.



Alexis is Project and Quality Assurance Manager for Ad Hoc, LLC. She is a strategic thinker with well developed analytical skills focused on new business development and business process improvement. Her talents for research and communication make her the perfect voice of reason for every podcast topic.